First and most important thing is InterVision Radio is now a Voodoo Authorized Station as of March 14, 2009 ***[~Sat~03/14/2009~3:03 PM~] seed ~~ Congratulations on being a Voodoo listed station! *** What does this mean? Our listeners and staff will now earn Mojo for listening to InterVision Radio. Per hour and the DJ Bonus codes (Fridays are double) There are of course rules set by Mike and they are actually not hard to follow. Go to We can possibly be at the amt of 35 Mojo Per Min and a 3500 DJ bonus code. Just click on the link above to see the rules as Mike has set forth. ********************************************** NEW ADDITION TO STATION RULES (from Mike) ********************************************** Mike 4:41pm Apr. 10, 2009 We're changing two aspects of our radio list policy to deal with some issues we feel exist currently in the radio system.

 1) Code generation will now be 2 hours - 10 minutes for every quality point past the first. This is to deal with stations that have taken to saying "we do our code every hour on the hour" which precludes the need for people to listen for more than 1 minute each hour. Note: DO NOT BROADCAST THE CODE IS COMING UP AHEAD OF TIME. JUST SURPRISE THE LISTENERS WITH IT.

 2) The "Voodoo News" requirement is being changed to some form of voodoo news and info every hour, rather than 3x per day, since it is simply too time consuming for us to verify it the current way. This way adherence to quality point requirements can be verified by our staff listening to a given statement for one hour rather than having to listen for 8 or more hours. Mike 11:33pm Apr. 10, 2009 'fraid so - I know its a bummer, but its impossible for us to determine people's compliance with the original voodoo news qualification since there's no way to tell if and when they ever do it. That said, if you take your station "offline" from the voodoo list when there is no DJ present then it will still qualify for the hourly news quality point, so long as the news is being done while the station is officially "on the air" on the radio listing. Likewise, a station that only has itself "on air" on the list when it is being manned by a live DJ can qualify for the 20% non-music content points during that time, though we haven't awarded those to any station yet since we haven't had the opportunity to spend a full hour listening to each (we know some qualify, but it'd be prejudicial to give a sudden 10 mojo per minute boost to them and not to the others until days later). ************************************************

3) There is to be respect shown among all the DJs to each other, to our many listeners and to all management at all times including NO bashing of any type songs any DJ plays. We all know that people request songs that the DJ doesn't like. Also, if listeners complain about your music ask them to give you some requests then so you can add a few tunes in they would like to hear. Any conflicts between DJs should be kept to IM'S and never be addressed on the air or in the station room. If you want, it may be discussed with a CEO: KaCee or Skinn, GM, Lucid & The Asst GM ReL0ad and the DJs involved in a private conversation. If you have an issue on a song or type of music just turn your sound down. Please do not voice your dislike in the station room or keep it to yourself as we all have our own opinions on song choice. Please remember each person holds their personality in their soul and as in any work environment we learn to deal with that in others. ( we do not want to lose any DJ over some petty misunderstandings as can happen in chat).

4) All DJ's should show up 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their shifts. Please let the DJ on the air know you are here with a yahoo message also. You can check who is on the station by going to in your browser, or click the "Song List" button on the page and that will show you who is on air also. It is your responsibility to let them know you are here, they do not have to track you down. If a DJ does not show, the existing DJ may continue on the air. If they take the station and you are late, it is up to the DJ who is on air whether they want to keep the station or pass it to you. If that DJ is unable or doesn't want to continue on air, Please get in touch with one of the managers and we will find someone to take over for you.

5) A DJ should contact the station management at least 2 hrs ( if humanly possible ) before a scheduled time if they are not able to DJ their shift. Kacee's phone numbers are available to all DJs.If you are going to put the station on auto, please leave an IM for Kacee, Reload or Lucid so they can try to find someone to DJ live.

 6) DJ's may switch or trade times with each other as a trade off as long as both agree, of course. Please let a manager know of this shift change. Any permanent changes to your schedule must be made through and agreed on by station management.

7) No DJ will take, as in boot the station while another DJ has the station LIVE. However, if you think you have found the station on auto and would like to broadcast live we have a rule policy enforced for that and please see a manager for those rules.

 8) All DJs need to have yahoo messenger as that is used to pass the station to each other and for requests off the request page. ICQ has also been added to the messenger list of required programs as a backup. Please notify a manager of any change in your yahoo or ICQ messenger screen names. Also please use yahoo for messages to managers or other DJs as usually it is the most reliable way to do so.

 9) No DJ may be working at another station or Guest DJ at the same time they are at Intervision. Your total commitment is with Intervision Radio.

10) All DJ must give a warning of any lyrics that could offend or be found to be offensive to some listeners between the hours of 5 A.M. and 10 P.M. EDT. Make sure all disclosures and warnings are played before each song in your show. Remember. young children could be listening as well and to be respectful to all of your listeners.

11) DJ's with room tools, 5 minute gag is probably your first best chose, they will most likely leave. If you feel a person needs to be banned from the room for misconduct, what is the misconduct? and how bad is it before you diction on how long to ban them. A pervert in the room hitting on people don't get banned for 3 years. Gagging them solves the problem. Think before you Ban. If you do ban, you will save the text from the room, ( as much as possible ) and any im's related to the ban. This will be forwarded to Skinn, KaCee, Lucid or ReL0ad for investigation and review. Note: The text is important, without it what happened? The old saying there's 3 sides to every story. Right side said this...left side said that..... down the middle is what happened.

12) Above all else, please do not become obsessed over the amount of listeners you might have at any given time. Peoples real time lives are very important and things come up. Holidays, illness, company at home, all types of things. The MAIN thing here at Intervision is to HAVE FUN!!!! Be it one listener or 100 just be the same wonderful DJs you are. If there are any questions about the above rules. please address them to Kacee. Thank you for being a big part of Intervision Radio, each and every one of you is very appreciated for the work and time and dedication you have shown to the station!!!!